State Licensed
(714) 490-0777
Mon-Fri: 7 am - 6 pm
Where children learn and grow together intellectually, creatively, socially, and spiritually.
Happy Day Education Center will be served as the first joyful learning place. We offer an excellent curriculum taught by experienced, loving and dedicate teachers in clean and safe environment.

Age Groups
Toddler (18 months - 2 years)
Preschool (2 - 5 years)
Kindergarten (All day, after class)
Afterschool (Elementary 1st - 6th Grade)
Build social, emotional skills, physical and motor development, Language enrichment (Phoenics, Reading, Writing), Number, Basic Science, Special activities, Arts, Music
Special Classes
Music, Ballet, TaeKwonDo Class
Korean Language, Bible Story
Piano, cello private lesson
Afterschool Help is available for homeworks on all academic subjects. For kids in Kindergarten to 6th grade. Provide transportation from elementary school
We provide healthy and balanced AM snack, lunch, PM snack, and dinner as part of our commitment to their health.
Special Events
Field Trips, Children's Day Festival, Summer Camps, Graduation Ceremony, Art Exhibition, Harvest Festival, Thanksgiving Day Carnival, Chrismas Performances, and more.